Four very different ways you can use Curatr

Curatr is one of the best e-learning tools you’ve never tried. Here are four different perspectives on how you can use it in your organisation.

Should You Build an Online Course?

Online courses have become insanely popular over the past five years. Can you really make money out of them and how do you get started?

5 proven instructional design strategies you should steal from Duolingo

Make it stick is one of the best books out there on instructional design strategies that really work. Duolingo uses all of them – discover how you can too.

Discover The Other E-Learning

I’ve worked in the e-learning world for a long time. Most of my professional life. I thought I knew it inside out, but recently that changed... I discovered the other e-learning! For much of that time I was immersed in the learning technology scene. Through social...

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Why does everyone hate e-learning?

Go on admit it. You hate e-learning. It's ok most people hate e-learning. Or perhaps more accurately, they hate e-learning at work. E-learning at work is dying a slow, slow death, but e-learning outside work is booming. Are we backing the wrong horse? What’s the...

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