Who are we?

What if you could get the same expertise and professionalism you find at the biggest, most successful digital learning companies, at a fraction of the cost?

What makes us different?

It’s easy to pick up some learning technology and throw it at a problem. It might be an e-learning authoring tool, an LMS an LXP, a content library. There are so many options. It’s easy to buy a technology solution, but it’s hard to get value from any of them because using these tools effectively requires experience, process and data.
There are plenty of experienced digital learning companies out there who apply good design process. The problem is they cost a fortune. They have to because they need to pay for large teams, offices, salespeople, customer relationship managers, technical specialists and those huge stands that grab your attention at conferences.

What if you could work with people who were focused on delivering something they’re proud of,

rather than profits for shareholders?

This is what we offer

We build small but perfectly formed teams for each client project, drawn from our roster of trusted associates – all experts in their field.

We work remotely, we don’t need offices, so you don’t pay for them. We’re flexible, we use the best tools to manage and deliver projects and collaborate.

All the expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Our people and partners

Sam Burrough

Sam Burrough

Director and designer

I’ve worked in the e-learning industry for over 15 years working with clients from every sector imaginable across a broad spectrum of projects – from classic corporate compliance training to social, leadership, gamification and curation. I love my job because I get to indulge two of my passions – problem-solving and making beautiful things. I just need to find a way to involve mountain bikes too!

Fireant creative

Fireant creative

e-learning and media production partners

Fireant Creative is our go-to partner for any large project. We collaborate better than most internal teams thanks to our shared pragmatic approach and sense of humour. We also work closely together whenever a project requires animation or video.