We started using Evolve about four years ago when it first came out and we’ve been using it ever since. Last year, we worked on ten different Evolve projects.

Some of those clients asked us what tool to use and we recommended Evolve. Others came to us specifically because they wanted to use Evolve. We also worked on projects where the client wanted to use other tools, but whenever we get the choice we go for Evolve.

Here are five reasons why…

1. Usability

Evolve is reliable and easy to learn. It’s also web-based which means you don’t have to install anything. This means it’s one of the best choices for people who are new to e-learning. So, even if you are paying someone like us to design and build your content, there’s no reason why you can’t maintain it yourself. In fact, we offer all our clients free training on the basics so they can update their content without having to wait, or pay, for us to do it. (It’s also incredible value – from just £30 per month)

2. Instant feedback

Evolve edit and preview windows side by side

Everything you do in Evolve is saved automatically. So, you’ll never lose any work and the second you finish an edit, it appears in the preview. This means you’re probably going to want a bigger screen, or even a two-screen setup, because you should always have the preview visible. This makes life so much easier as a designer because you get instant feedback. You can make a small change and see it on the screen straight away. And because it’s responsive, you can drag the window to a tablet or mobile size and see what that would look like instantly. With Evolve there is no guessing or waiting for previews to render.

3. Flexibility

Evolve content is built on a simple grid. So while it’s not quite as freeform as Storyline, there’s still scope for creativity. But for most situations, this is a huge benefit. It means you don’t have to be a UX professional to come up with a design that works. Once you get a grip on the basics there are dozens of options to explore which allow you to experiment with the different layers and components. There are hidden depths to many of the components and extensions that allow real creativity, such as the infographic component. With the right mindset, you can stretch them in all sorts of different directions. We’ll be exploring some of these possibilities in future posts.

Evolve components
Evolve authoring demo

4. Variety

No other comparable authoring tool has as many different interactions or ways to present content as Evolve. At the time of writing, there are 50 different components. On top of that, you’ve got a whole range of extensions that add global features like search, reflection tools and gamification. Appitierre releases regular updates, so there’s always something new to try. 

5. Collaboration

It’s extremely easy to work together on the same project with multiple designers. You can copy and paste any page, article, block or component from any course on your account, which speeds up development time. You can also have unlimited reviewer accounts. So you can invite your SMEs or clients to add their comments directly to the course and work through any amends with ease. You can jump straight to the comment, make the change or question it, all in the app. This can save a lot of time and confusion in the development process.

Evolve comments example

Try it out for yourself

So there you go, five reasons why you should give Evolve a try. If you’re still sitting on the fence feel free to ask any questions below and of course you can try it for yourself because there’s a free trial available.

In case you’re wondering this post is not paid for by Evolve/Appitierre. If there’s one thing they don’t do so well it’s marketing!

Want to know more?

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