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We tend to be ahead of the curve.

Sam was talking about curation, UX and design thinking way before it was cool.

“I’ve always believed that marketing and training have a lot in common. They have much to learn from one another. So I keep an ear to the ground in both camps. It helps me help my clients make good design decisions that deliver value for them and their audience.”

I’ve worked in the e-learning industry for over a decade now across a broad spectrum of projects from classic corporate compliance training to social, leadership, gamification and curation.

Sam Burrough

Founder, Transform Elearning

I know what you’re thinking.. are these guys credible?


Sam has run sessions at all of the UK’s major learning technology events:

In the 2015 Learning and Performance Institute Awards we were runners up in the best social and collaborative learning award. This was for a MOOC project we ran for Curatr exploring curation for learning. 
In 2015 I was asked to co-write (with Jane Hart) the CIPD Tool Click series on Facilitating social and collaborative learning

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