We can help you develop a solid curation strategy to support learning and innovation

What is curation?

Curation is about selecting and structuring content (and/or experiences) to help people explore a topic. It’s often confused with aggregation, but there are important differences. Aggregated content is automated, which makes it fast and cheap. However, it lacks context. So it’s rarely as effective as careful curation.

Curation requires humans, because it’s the context that adds value and algorithms aren’t very good at that. So when quality is important, go with curation.


What are the benefits?

Return on investment

How much value are you really getting from those expensive content library subscriptions? Good curation can transform tools like LinkedIn Learning, Get Abstract and MindTools etc.

Promote critical thinking

Add value to existing content by prompting users to discuss, reflect and critique the content you curate.

Personalisation & choice

Improve the odds of people finding something that works for them. Tailoring your content to different audiences helps them find what they need and helps personalise the learning experience.

Data driven

You don’t need an LMS to curate content so you can use modern web platforms that collect more nuanced data which allows you to make data-driven decisions.

How can you use curation?

Blended learning

Create collections of content to support face to face or online learning experiences. Create intelligent feeds to capture the latest thinking on any topic.

Performance support

Curate resources that help people solve specific work/performance issues eg. Excel quick tips.

Standalone learning experiences

Create a course of curated content by designing in self-reflection and opportunities for practice and feedback. Check out our work with Stream (formerly known as Curatr) for more ideas.

Self-directed learning

Help users find the best content on popular topics by creating collections, saving them time from searching and filtering.