Velocity Case Study

The Challenge

Green Onyx Consulting asked us to help them realise their vision for a transformational personal development programme for professional women. The Velocity programme is designed to motivate participants to look at their career trajectory and journey, understand what factors might hold them back, identify the goals they want to aim for and plan to reach their own ‘success velocity’.

They needed a partner to help them make all this work online.

The Solution

We used the award winning Evolve authoring tool to convert the content into short interactive sessions. Then we turned them into a social and collaborative learning experience using Curatr. The Curatr platform means that participants can interact directly with each other and the course leaders.

While we were at it, we also rebuilt their website to support the marketing and sales proposition.

Online Platform Strategy

Engaging Social Learning Experience

All Under One Roof

Design, Graphics, Video, Web, Experience...

We customised the look and feel of Curatr to create a distinct brand

Each level has a playlist of custom and curated content

Evolve interactions add a new dimension to Curatr courses

Curatr adds a rich social layer to the experience


E-learning Content


Learning Experience Design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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