Why do people learn?

Online courses for experts

We’ve been working in the e-learning industry for over a decade. We’ve tried a lot of different tools and seen a lot of change.

But THE most important thing we’ve learned in that time is that..

People only learn when they are motivated to do so.

You can have the best looking content in the world, but if it doesn’t solve problems that matter to the audience – it’s pointless.

What’s our approach?

We love to help organisations solve problems and create opportunities using online training.

We believe in making web-like learning experiences.

Online training should be just as easy to use as the best web apps.

Online courses for experts

How can we help?

We’re designers (I think we mentioned that). To us that means solving problems. We’re big fans of design thinking and weave it into our process whenever we can. Here’s a run down of what we can do for you..


Course Design

Experience Design

Digital Content Production

What’s it like to work with us?

Sam is one of those rare people who both really knows his stuff and is always easy to do business with.

Sam has proved to be a great Instructional Designer, creating and facilitating some wonderful MOOCs for us.

He is also one of those people who “knows someone who can,” he is great at networking and developing super relationships.

We always love working with Sam.

Alan Betts – HT2

Sam is incredibly reliable, setting and meeting deadlines on a fairly aggressive development schedule.

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Sam again!

Tino Corsetti – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

What are the best tools for the job?

Today the choice of tools is huge and we’re happy to work with whatever you’re already using. But if you’re starting afresh, or you need a change – we recommend checking out two of our favourite tools..
Evolve by Appitierre
Appitierre logo

Evolve is an intuitive tool for quickly building powerful eLearning content.

Its rich set of features gives you total control of every aspect of course creation and presentation. It integrates easily with SCORM, TinCan, Moodle and a range of other LMS platforms.

Evolve creates HTML5 eLearning content that works on any platform or device from desktops to tablets and mobiles.

Curatr by HT2
Curatr logo

Curatr combines social learning, gamification and digital curation. It’s an incredibly rich and original platform that helps you build engaging, effective learning experiences.

We know that learning with peers in a work environment can be a fundamental part of the learning process. By creating more social learning experiences, your organisation gets to benefit from the insights and experience of everyone who works with you.

We love working with them – can you tell?

They’re developed and supported by UK companies who are friendly, talented and responsive.

We’ve been working with Appitierre and HT2, the developers of these fine tools, for several years and we enjoy close working relationships with them both. That means when you want something special done – we can make it happen and if anything should go wrong, we can get it fixed fast.

They have a lot in common which is why we like them and they also work brilliantly together.

Keen to know more?

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