So first big question… Who should seriously consider creating online courses?

1. Experts

Online courses for experts

Today you don’t need a PHD to be an expert. You need an audience and a niche.

Maybe you blog every week, maybe you’re big on Pinterest, or perhaps you’re rocking Instagram and Twitter. If you have an audience who see you as a source of knowledge on something – you are an expert.

But it’s hard to get paid for that kind of expertise.

So how do you turn your followers into customers?

2. Authors

It’s never been easier to publish your own book. But that means it’s hard to get your book noticed and harder still to keep your audience’s attention long enough to read it.

If you wrote your book to help people develop themselves – an online course can help.

Online courses extend your reach and develop your relationship with your audience.

And they’re a great way to up-sell too!

online courses for authors

3. Trainers & Coaches

online courses for trainers

Your earnings are limited by the hours in the day and the distance between you and your clients, unless you use technology.

That means lots of travel and cheap hotels.

What if you turned your knowledge and experience into a product that everyone in the world could buy..even while you were sleeping?

But where do you start?

If that sounds like you, we definitely need to talk!

Transform Elearning can help you find the right course strategy. Every case is different, but the same rules for success apply.

What does it take to create a successful online course?

1. Strategy

Who are you going to help and how you are going to reach them?

2. Design

How do you present your ideas and make it engaging?

3. Production

Shoot your video, build your course, create the experience.

4. Marketing

Build it and they will come? er no actually they won’t.

1. Strategy

online course support strategy

Before you do anything you need to research some important questions..

  • What’s your course idea?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Who has that problem?
  • How are they solving that problem now?
  • What’s your pricing strategy?
  • How big is your existing audience?
  • How will you grow it?

..and more

2. Design

Before you build anything you need a blueprint..

  • What are people going to be able to do after completing the course?
  • What topics do you need to cover to get them there?
  • What content needs to go in each topic?
  • What’s the most logical order and structure for the content?
  • What kind of learning experience are you trying to create?
  • What are the best tools and platforms to create this learning experience?
online course support design

3. Production

online course support production

Now the fun bit, building your content..

  • Are you going to shoot video at home or in a studio?
  • Are you going to use screencasts?
  • Will you run webinars?
  • Should you build interactive multimedia content?
  • How do you make sure the experience lives up to your students’ expectations?

4. Marketing

Marketing is the key to success..

  • How do you target and segment the market?
  • How do you convert your current email list or social media audience?
  • How can you use influencers to extend your reach?
  • Should you use an affiliate program to sell more seats?
  • Where should you invest your advertising money?
online course support marketing

Need a helping hand?

We love helping passionate course creators get their ideas off the ground. Drop us a line and we’ll set up a time to talk through your idea on Skype, on the phone, or face to face. And of course we never charge for this!